That moment when you click submit and the countless hours of planning, writing, reviewing, editing, re-writing, editing again, re-writing, checking, double checking, frustration, pride, joy, fear, and celebration….That’s where I’m at.  My new novel is now live on Amazon and Smashwords and soon Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and IBooks.

I don’t think anyone realizes the actual fear that happens just seconds after you click submit unless you have done this yourself.  Did I spell my name right?  What if people hate it?  What if my friends and family laugh?  And then everything settles out.

Yes, I spelled my name correctly!  (Silly as it may sound, that is an honest fear).  So what if some don’t like it. Even literary giants have had critics that have ripped them apart and were silent when the general public liked the book.  And if people want to laugh at my efforts, so be it.  I’ll just be content with knowing that I made them smile.

Hope you enjoy this book.  It is actually a series of four novellas, each one a stand alone story, but combined together as a full length novel.



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